The BB ALERT® products are not complicated and have been designed for use by:

Pest management professionals to confirm Bed Bug activity prior to treatment and to verify treatment effectiveness as well as provide on-going service contracts and contractual revenue.

Home owners; to detect the presence of Bed Bugs.
Owners and managers in the health, hospitality and similar industries who hold responsibility for the well being of their clients.
Whether you are an anxious home -owner, an industry professional, a pest control specialist or just intrigued by the Bed Bug "plague" that is engulfing the world, we hope that you will find something of interest and value in this site.

Using BB ALERT® Active & Passive Together

The BB ALERT®- a system approach: Quick explanation

The BB ALERT® Active is designed to monitor for bed bugs that are looking for a blood meal, by mimicking a human host.

BB ALERT® - a system approach: The detail

The BB ALERT® system is based on the biology and behaviour of Bed Bugs and is used for bed bug monitoring. The goal in using BB ALERT® is to identify bed bug problems at an early stage, when treatment is much easier and cost effective.

Bed bugs are chiefly found in two states: Actively looking for a blood meal and harbouring or sheltering following a blood meal.

BED BUGS LOOKING FOR A BLOOD MEAL: Each bed bug goes through a series of lifecycle stages to get from Egg to Adult. In order to move from one stage to the next, Bed Bugs require a blood meal. They feed exclusively on the blood of warm-blooded animals, and specifically target humans. In order to locate their next human, or blood meal, they use a number of physical "clues" with heat, moisture and carbon dioxide being the main clues used.

The BB ALERT® Active monitor is designed to attract bed bugs that are looking for a blood meal, by mimicking a human. The monitor contains a consumable heat pack that uses innovative technology to gives off Heat and Moisture. This heat pack makes bed bugs think the monitor contains a blood meal, and attracts bed bugs in. On entering the BB ALERT® Active monitor, bed bugs find themselves stuck in an inescapable adhesive.

The BB ALERT® Active should be used during the night (at an appropriate frequency) to monitor for activity of bed bugs looking for a blood meal. A quick inspection of the monitor in the morning and the user will know whether bed bugs (looking for a blood meal) are present, or not.

However, if there are bed bugs present in the area...but they are not hungry (or looking for a blood meal) the BB ALERT® Active will not be successful in identifying them, until they become hungry again.

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